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Die Lange Nacht Der Bilder

Design & Decoration

The joint exhibition held at Kulturbotschaft, one of the art community studio in Berlin-Lichtenberg, Germany. The Front gate design / decoration for the first official exhibition of the studio.

ドイツ、ベルリン リヒテンベルク地区のアトリエ合同展示会。Kulturbotschaftでの玄関装飾。



赤い日の丸は日の出の太陽の象徴。 また紅白は日本の伝統色で、めでたいものとされており、赤は博愛と活力、白は神聖と純潔を意味するとも言われています。


Place : Kulturbotschaft Berlin-Lichtenberg

The sculpture made of discarded commodities and foods, the objects which surrounds us all the time and every single day. As it was her first time to join the exhibition since her relocation to Berlin, this sculpture was created under the theme of “Homeland and Far-off land”.


Japanese national flag is used as a central motif of this creation and the discarded bicycle wheel which is placed at the center implies her homeland, Japan.


The red circle is a symbolic of sunrise and the color combination of red and white is considered as japanese traditional colors for auspicious events such as new year, wedding or birth of babies. The color, red has the connotation of philanthropy and vitality and white has the connotation of sacredly and chastity.


As it was the official opening event of the studio where she works as a resident artist, this decoration represents a offering of flowers to the new beginning and also contains a wish of prosperity.


Place : Kulturbotschaft Berlin-Lichtenberg

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