Tomomi Senda

Art director & Decorator & Web designer & Graphic designer


Direction & Decoration

The collaboration project with the laser light designer / artist.


Stage Design

The collaboration project with contemporary dancers.



Design & Decoration

The joint exhibition held at Kulturbotschaft, one of the art community studio in Berlin-Lichtenberg, Germany. The Front gate design / decoration for the first official exhibition of the studio

ドイツ、ベルリン リヒテンベルク地区のアトリエ合同展示会。Kulturbotschaftでの玄関装飾。

Direction & Organizer & Decoration

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Set Decoration

The collaboration project for shortfilm. The set decoration was co-produced with a set designer.


映像監督 Mai Lasan制作のショートフィルム。セットデコレーションを担当した。




Born in Aichi Prefecture of Japan, I am a freelance Decorator / Designer in Berlin, Germany. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in product communication design from Kyoto Seika University in 2008. After working as a designer at music retailer and design studio, now a freelance.

愛知県生まれ。ドイツ、ベルリン在住。フリーランス デコレーター / デザイナー。







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